I have to admit it has been a long hard slog trying to get one of my emails read out on Sky Sports NFL Sunday show.

In fact after the first month of the season spent sending topical and highly insightful NFL related questions I gave up until a few weeks ago.

Having the pleasure of knowing studio pundit Mark Cohen (we work in the same building) I asked Mark very nicely if he could fast-track one of my emails. Whilst he could make no promises he did say he would mention my name.

Last Sunday I decided to give it another crack, and armed with a good question and a 48 point bold font I pressed send (a few times).

Here is the result…………………..cue the Dolphins rookie WR Brian Hartline getting stretched on the sideline

Thanks Mark – and I hope you get to commentate on the Superbowl with Kev in the studio, whilst Nick goes to Miami for some sunshine. Here’s hoping he isn’t wearing the same smelly black shirt and yellow tie.

  1. terry says:

    who do u think will be in the supr bowl i think i might be NY Giant and New england who do u think it might be?

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