The Frank Gore signed helmet and Nate Clements signed ball

I had a lot of fun taking pictures of all the merchandise NFL teams had donated for prize draws at the Patriots versus the Buccaneers tailgate party held outside Wembley stadium in October.

I posted a number of my favourite pics on my blog and was pleasantly surprised when one of the prize draw winners contacted me.

Samatha Connors, a lifelong New England Patriots fan, was the lucky winner of the 49ers prize draw – a Frank Gore signed helmet and a Nate Clements signed ball.

It turns out Samantha is a big big NFL fan and even collects NFL merchandise, a hobby she has had since the 1980s.

Whilst I am sure she would have preferred to win the Jerod Mayo signed jersey it looks like Samantha was very happy with her win.

The former US resident had this to say: “Most people think that girl fans just support one team and don’t know anything about the rest of the NFL but I am an american football fan so I watch it all. When I moved home my boyfriend asked me to marry him and move in but before I said yes I had to make sure we could have Sky Sports in the living room and the bedroom!”

Why can’t all members of the fairer sex be like that eh?

Samantha must know all the right people as she was at the New England Patriots UK party, held at the Sports Cafe in Haymarket the night before the London game.

Patriots legend (well my favourite Pat ever too) Troy Brown

Samantha was kind enough to send me some pictures from the Patriots party, where she met a number of Pats legends, including John Smith the old kicker, Troy Brown the multiple Superbowl winning wideout and kick returner and owner Robert Kraft.

I will say one good thing about Samantha, who despite not being a 49ers fan, decided to keep her prizes.

Unlike the person who won the Matt Hasslbeck signed Seattle Seahawks football.

The winner of this fantastic NFL prize put it on Ebay last week and managed to get £92.00 see here.

Ok I understand it’s Christmas time and we all need the money, but I hope the person who sold this ball one day wakes up and regrets it. After all Hassleback quarterbacked the Seahawks to a Superbowl not so long ago and even tossed a touchdown in the big game.

I’m sure selling the ball on Ebay was not exactly the aim of the NFL marketing executives.

I’ll enter the draws next year if they have them – and I promise that whatever team it was if I won I would keep the item forever.

  1. Samantha Connors says:

    Nice article Lawrence! I am definately keeping my win, I know there is a 49ers fan out there somewhere that would appreciate them sooo much more than me but it has that special sentiment of the weekend the Pats played in London. I have ordered two lovely display cases for both items and they will be on show in my glass cabinet forever! Everytime someone asks me where I got them I will have much pleasure in telling them the story 🙂

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