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Aaron Rodgers will have extra turkey on his plate tonight

I might spend some of my time moaning about the lack of Monday Night Football on tv here in England, but at least Sky TV get one American tradition spot on.

THREE live Thanksgiving Day NFL games here in England is special, even if it does include the Detroit Lions and the Oakland Raiders.
I missed the first two touchdowns of the Green Bay Packers versus the Detroit Lions game this evening as I was coming home from work, but even though I joined the game at 7-7 it was always gonna be a Pack ‘W’.
Charles Woodson looked incredible blanketing the hobbling Calvin Johnson, and his two INTs pretty much guarantees his place in the 2010 Pro Bowl.
Matthew Stafford had three picks, but one thing you cannot deny is that this baby-face is one tough kid. He had his back bent backwards only to bounce straight up.
With an extra WR and a quality 3rd down/utility back to support Kevin Smith the Lions have an offense that can put up some decent yards. Lets just forget about their defense, that is one sorry ass bunch of chumps.
Time to settled down now for the Cowgirls against the Oakland Raiders, with a Raiders squad in that much trouble that they think starting Bruce Gradkowski is some sort of positive move? Call me old-fashioned but I’d rather have Todd Marinovich at the helm of the Silver and Black than Crudkowski.
Someone pass the cranberry sauce………….Happy Thanksgiving everyone.