It was a blowout when the New England Patriots beat the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Wembley Stadium in London just over a week ago.

The Buccs looked ugly, and I tend to agree with the guy from the Florida Tuskers UFL team (the 4 team league set up this Autumn) that said they could beat Tampa Bay.

I imagine one guy who was sure glad to be part of the on-field mobbing was Patriots running back Laurence Maroney. Maroney spent 2008 injured and was not expected to be a huge ‘playa’ in 2009.

Maroney has defied his critics and is performing well in a crowded New England backfield. With Sammy Morris injured Maroney made sure he looked good in London, and his late touchdown was a just reward for his efforts.

I was lucky enough to capture his score into the Patriots painted end zone. He took two attempts to score but he looked very happy. I managed to catch his celebratory hip hit jump after the score as well as his walk back to the sideline.


  1. Jim says:

    Just rolled through all your posts on the experience. Got a kick out of this: “I was there when Tom Brady came to England.” Heh.

    As a Yank, it’s a pleasure to see fans across the Atlantic so knowledgeable and enthusiastic about my favorite stateside sport. I don’t know if England can truly support 8 games a year from a local franchise (particularly if they stink), but I could tell by the crowd reaction on television that folks really do know the game.

    Nice set of photos (I was particularly impressed by how steady you were able to hold the camera on the video clip). Drop on by anytime you like.

    Jim (aka JohnHannahRules)

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