Chris Samuels #60 was a Redskins superstar - Nuff respect due

Chris Samuels #60 was a Redskins superstar - Nuff respect due

Chris Samuels was a rock, a chiselled piece of granite who gave his heart and soul to the Washington Redskins organisation.

He didn’t quite make it to ten full seasons but he will be remembered as a dominating offensive tackle by fans of the Burgundy and Gold for long beyond 2009.

I was saddened to hear that he announced his retirement today on medical grounds, but I am glad he has hung up his Honey Monster shoulder pads whilst his neck still works.

The Alabama alumni made six Pro-Bowls in his nine and a bit seasons, including Honolulu appearances in the last four consecutive All -Star games (even if the 2007 and 2008 selections were more because of reputation and less about pure talent).

141 regular season games – but not one NFC Championship game or even a sniff of a Superbowl is not exactly a Hall of Fame legacy, but Samuels has had to deal with a pretty ordinary cast.

Jason Campbell is simply godawful and now Samuels is gone from that left tackle spot I doubt if the Redskins will win another game all season.

If they do finish 2-14, and providing the Rams and the Titans actually come out of their coma then maybe the Redskins can get a new offensive tackle for the next decade.

If they manage to get as lucky as they did with the 3rd overall pick of the 2000 draft then maybe they can use a foundation building offensive tackle a little bit better than they did with Chris Samuels, who deserved a lot better than passing donkeys like Danny Wuerfell.

Happy retirement Mr Samuels.

The burgundy and gold will look that bit duller without you.


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