It’s official I have the best wife in the world. I’ll now explain why.

For our one week road trip to Miami, which was going to be heavily sports dominated, I thought I would look for a non-sporting event for us both to go to, so I visited the Miami American Airlines Arena website to see if there were any concerts.

It was a miracle, between a sandwich of Disney on Ice was a lone The Killers concert on the Saturday night at 8.00pm. Perfect I thought, my wife loves The Killers, all that ‘somebody told me you had a boyfriend that looked like a girlfriend that I had in February of last year’.

I did let my wife know that the Miami University v Oklahoma football game would be earlier that day at 1.00pm, but she did not mind, and despite my football excitement my wife told all her work mates she was seeing The Killers live in Miami – very cool.

It wasn’t until the night before we flew to Miami that I had an email from Ticketmaster saying that unfortunately the Miami U game had been moved from 1.00pm EST to 8.00pm EST because it was the nationally televised Saturday evening college game of the week.

Shit I thought. My wife however was that amazing that she sacrificed seeing The Killers to enable us to go and see Miami U v Oklahoma at Land Shark Stadium instead.

The worst part for my incredibly gracious wife was that the American Airlines Arena is situated right next to the carpark entrance to the Bayside area of Miami, the place you go to visit the Hardrock Cafe or catch a boat tour to see the likes of Vanilla Ice’s house or Will Smith’s luxury pad.

I think this is Will Smith's Miami pad - not bad eh!

I think this is Will Smith's Miami pad - not bad eh!

We did collect The Killers tickets as souvineers, but the look on my wife’s face as she played a Killers tune from her mobile phone standing outside the Arena was enough to make a grown man cry.

Categoric proof that my wife is in fact the best wife in the world

Categoric proof that my wife is in fact the best wife in the world


I have promised my wife free tickets to see The Killers when they next come to the UK, but I guess it will never quite sound as cool as saying ‘I saw The Killers in Miami’.

Dearest wife I am forever in your debt for this and I love you for the sacrifice you made.

  1. Tara says:

    Aww your wife is so awesome treasure her forver

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