The Buccs have a 'home' game in London next Sunday

The Buccs have a 'home' game in London next Sunday

After just about recovering from a Miami road trip earlier this month it’s time to prepare for the annual pilgrimage to London to see some REAL NFL football.

The 2009 NFL International game between the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the New England Patriots looked a bit more appetising in September than it does right now.

Before the Week 6 games are taken into consideration the Buccs and the Pats have a combined total of 3 wins – yuk.

Tampa Bay are in fact swimming amongst the used condoms in the zero win sewer, whilst New England are looking like a shadow of their former selves, having lost to the New York Jets and the 5-0 (it grinds my gears to even say that) Denver Broncos.

So what am I looking forward to seeing? Despite this not being the most appealing Week 7 NFL game there are a number of key matchups that will be worth watching.

  • The opportunity to see Tom ‘Two time Superbowl MVP’ Brady passing to Randy ‘yes sir I’m joining Brady in the Hall of Fame’ Moss in my own country is pretty special. Whilst both players may be just starting on the way down their career arc, watching Brady to Moss is something special – a bit better than Cleo Lemon to Tedd Ginn Jnr for sure !!!
  • Watching Bill Belichick in his tramps hoodie pace the soggy Wembley sideline will be fun for sure. After losing to his ‘pupil’ Josh McDaniels in Week 5 this season Belichick will want to get in and out of Europe with a win and no injuries. I still have this abiding memory of Belichick when he was the Browns head coach looking like Obi-Wan-Kinobe after he lost a fight with a razor.
  • Tampa Bay will likely be starting rookie 1st round draft pick QB Josh Johnson, in only his 4th game as the protagonist. With Jerod Mayo back fit and grandpa Junior Seau patrolling the field Johnson will have a hard time finding any rhythm. The Buccs WRs are having a torrid time so far and no-one has shown up from that group.
  • One Tampa stud to emerge in 2009 (and boy there are not many) is the son of Chargers TE legend Kellen Winslow – Mr Kellen Winslow II. Although Winslow is averaging under 10 yards a catch (9.9) after five weeks, he does have 4 tds (team leading) and 26 catches (again team leading). Having played TE when I was on the Crawley Raiders II team I have an affinity for the position, and love to watch dominant TEs.

What is everyone else looking forward to seeing at Wembley next Sunday?

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