Miami Road Trip Part 1 – It’s all gone a bit A-List

Posted: October 10, 2009 in Uncategorized
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My news pal J-Lo and majority Dolphins owner Stephen Ross

My news pal J-Lo and majority Dolphins owner Stephen Ross

There my wife and I were, enjoying an ironic Bud Light outside Landshark Stadium in Miami, chilling out before the NFL game Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills game (October 4 2009).

I spotted an orange carpet area leading into Landshark Stadium and whilst it was only populated by burly security guards and wimpy looking photographers I had a feeling that someone famous would walk down the day-glo carpet on their way to the big game.

My wife said that maybe some old players would go by, but none of the A-list people who are associated with the new ‘all-star’ Dolphins ownership.

Rather optimistically I stood near to the door, leaning on the metal barrier, for about 20 minutes. I just had a feeling I guess. I asked other fans who were loitering if they were expecting anyone, and no-one actually knew why they were there either.

Then suddenly like an orange hurricane the hand held mics began to crackle into action, the snappers started adjusting their lenses, and a swarm of people appeared around both sides of the barrier.

Being 6 ft 3 I had a great view, and there she was, yes I was standing about 2 metres away from Jenny from the Block, the Maid from Manhattan, none other than Jennifer Lopez or as the paparazzi call her J-Lo.

Wearing a flowing orange dress (maybe Dolphin orange) J-Lo strolled down the carpet with her weasel like husband Mark Anthony (who looked ill). J-Lo was joined by the Dolphins billionaire majority owner Stephen Ross to do an interview with some make-up caked airhead.

Standing so close to J-Lo is kinda weird, and whilst I had no plans to try and cause any trouble I found it remarkable how easy it would have been for a crazed person to attack J-Lo and her stoat faced hubby.

Now I have seen some pretty famous people in my time, and even interviewed some NFL players past and present, but seeing J-Lo is quite a memorable moment.

Still wont want me to buy any of her films or listen to any of her tunes.


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