Jason Campbell still looks like a deer facing some headlights

Posted: September 26, 2009 in NFL, NFL Fantasy, Washington Redskins
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Is it me or is this what Jason Campbell looks like every week?
Is it me or is this what Jason Campbell looks like every week?

I’ve snapped.

Normally I remain optimistic as a Redskins fan until around November/early December, but in just two games I have concluded that we are doomed as long as Jason Campbell is Washington’s starting quarterback.
Jason Campbell, who played on an insanely talented Auburn team (with the Dolphins Ronnie Brown and the Buccs Cadillac Williams in the backfield supporting him) has failed to make that transition into a top 10 NFL quarterback.
He cannot shake that ‘deer dazzled in the headlights’ look, and that simply cannot inspire the rest of his team when he steps into the huddle.
After two weeks Campbell has thrown for, wait for it, ONE touchdown. He has the same amount of touchdowns as our goddam punter, Hunter ‘the punter’ Smith.
To manage three field goals against a poor St Louis Rams team is pathetic, and lets not forget that the one touchdown he has tossed in 2009 was in garbage time when down by 14 points against the New York Giants.
Talking of the Giants, their QB Eli Manning used to own a similar scared rabbit look, but he now owns a Superbowl winners ring, and he is without doubt a top 10 NFL quarterback (even if it is #9 or #10).
Watching Manning make Mario Manningham look like an All Pro is quite hard to swallow as a Redskins fan, but I do admire Eli for maturing into a top grade gunslinger. I would go as far as to say the Manning to Steve Smith combo is one of the most reliable and consistent hookups in the entire NFL.
Manning to Steve Smith is becoming as reliable as Brady to Welker.
I cannot say that for Campbell to Malcolm Kelly, Campbell to Devin Thomas or Campbell to Santana Moss.
The one Washington wideout who has stepped up is Antwaan Randle El, who is AT LAST being moved into his natural position as a slot receiver. After two contests Randle El has 11 catches fo 137 yards. If he averages 5 catches a game over 16 games that is 80 grabs. This will only happen if the two starters Kelly and Moss show up each week.
Is it all Campbell’s fault I ask myself? Well no it isn’t. Second year wideouts Malcolm Kelly and Devin Thomas are anonymous, just like in 2008.
Te Redskins face the winless Detroit Lions this Sunday. I shouldn’t be nervous, but I AM.
  1. Andrew says:

    I couldn’t agree more all of this. Really good article.

    And yeah, I’m nervous about visiting Detroit too.

  2. […] on the offense as last week: bad calls, no running game, Jason Campbell still looking like a deer in the headlights. However, we can compound the offensive problems with some defensive ones too: 99 yard drive for a […]

  3. Michael says:

    Great post. Turns out you were correct.

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