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My 2009 NFL MVP prediction - Up yours Michael Vick

My 2009 NFL MVP prediction - Up yours Michael Vick

I just had the latest USA Today Sports weekly arrive through my letter box, and upon skimming the first few pages I came across the ‘experts’ predictions.

To see how my predictions compare or contrast with these gurus of the gridiron I placed a magazine over the page and decided to make my own predictions before reading on.

Here goes – and standby for the barrage of insults in the comments box below

 AFC East Winner New England Patriots

AFC South Winner Tennessee Titans

AFC North Winner Baltimore Ravens

AFC West Winner San Diego Chargers

AFC Wild Card 1 Houston Texans

AFC Wild Card 2 Indianapolis Colts

NFC East Winner Philadelphia Eagles

NFC South Winner Atlanta Falcons

NFC North Winner Minnesota Vikings

NFC West Winner Arizona Cardinals

NFC Wild Card 1 Washington Redskins

NFC Wild Card 2 Green Bay Packers

AFC Championship Colts @ Ravens (Ravens win)

NFC Championship Falcons @ Eagles (Eagles win)

Superbowl Winner Philadelphia Eagles

Superbowl MVP Brian Westbrook RB Eagles

NFL MVP Tom Brady QB Patriots

Offensive MVP Donovan McNabb QB Eagles

Defensive MVP Mario Williams DE Texans

Offensive Rookie of the Year Mark Sanchez QB Jets

Defensive Rookie of the Year Rey Malauga LB Bengals

Comeback Player of the Year Tom Brady QB

Coach of the Year Gary Kubiak Texans

Now that's what I call bling !
Now that’s what I call bling !

It was with that sense of Santa Claus coming down the chimney bearing gifts aplenty that I just about managed to stay awake for the opening kickoff of the 2009 NFL season.

Bearing in mind that it was getting past 1.30am here in England when the Tennessee Titans Rob Bironas made the opening boot I like to think I did my bit for the international support of the NFL.
Everything was going well watching the game, a real defensive slugfest, when John Madden’s replacement, former Bengals wideout Cris Collinsworth muttered the immortal phrase
‘I spoke to Coach Fisher and he said he has not come to Pittsburgh to kiss the Steelers rings’.
Call me depraved but the image that phrase conjured up in my mind was only appropriate at around 2.30am in the morning after having eaten a box of Ritz crackers.
Wait a second I did have that thought around 2.30am this morning, and yes I has just eaten the majority of the contents of a box of Ritz crackers.
To cap the game off Willie was pretty limp, with a pathetic 19 yards on 13 carries.
Above all was the first game of the 2009 NFL season worth the months of non-football agony – Hell yeah.
NFLFANINENGLAND’s observations from the kickoff 2009 NFL game
  • Kenny Britt the Titans rookie WR looked particularly hot – his 4 catches for 85 yards were an outstanding debut for a newbie, in a position that is notoriously tough for first year players to have a big impact on
  • The Titans defensive line looks like it can still do the business getting pressure on opponents qb’s after the loss of Albert Haynesworth to the Redskins. 4 sacks by the defensive line was very respectable.
  • Hopefully Superbowl MVP WR Santonio Holmes doesn’t catch Burress disease by gunning down one of his own limbs. His 9 catches for 131 yards and a score made him the biggest fantasy stud of the day (my god more innuendo)

Thank goodness we have NFL football back. Here in England we have no live MNF, but as for the weekend we have three live games to look forward to. I can’t wait.