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I'm looking forward to plenty of funny handshake celebrations in 2009

I'm looking forward to plenty of funny handshake celebrations in 2009

Call me old fashioned but I do love a ‘Rudy’ style underdog overcoming adversity type story.

This particular episode involves the Washington Redskins 4th string running back who finally avoided a visit from the turk.

Marcus Mason has toiled hard over the past three seasons, bouncing from the Redskins to the Baltimore Ravens to the New York Jets practice squads before coming back to the Redskins late in April 2009.

Coach Zorn finally realised that what he had was a pocket rocket. Mason was a monster at Yougstown State when he ran for a team record 1,847 yards and 23 touchdowns as a senior.

Mason was not as spectacular as he was in the 2008 NFL pre-season when he led the Skins and if I recall correcty the whole league. Mason deserves a chance to shine and this time I hope he remains on the active roster all season long.

More and more teams are moving towards the fantasy players nightmare of ‘running by committe’ and Washington cannot afford to put all their eggs in a Portis/Betts/Cartwright shaped basket.

I doff my burgandy and gold hat to the Redskins organisation for making a smart decision to keep Mason as one of the final 53.

Now when Mason breaks out for a fifty yard touchdown you know it was Nflfaninengland that told you about this guy.

I do wonder when Mason scores his first official regular season touchdown if a ‘funny handshake is part of his celebration routine?