Forget snowballs at santa I say throw bricks at Vick

Posted: August 14, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Wipe that Mona Lisa smile of  your face Vick

Wipe that Mona Lisa smile of your face Vick

If there is one thing that I have learned from this whole sorry Michael Vick saga it is how hypocritical American sports reporters are. Forgiving Vick for his dog fighting is weak and pathetic.

Yes Vick served his time in prison, but are we just supposed to all go ‘well gee what a model citizen he is is – we forgive him for being a sicko who trained dogs to maim and kill each other’ ?

Am I the only one to see through all this utter nonsense and say Vick should not be earning millions of dollars doing something he loves?

I have always hated the Philadelphia Eagles, as a lifelong Redskins fan, but my hatred has been of a controlled divisional rival type, one where I do not wish an Eagles players to get hurt, just one where I hope the lose more games than they win each season.

All the mythology about Eagles fans at the Vet throwing snowballs at Santa Claus – forget that – I say any visiting fans should visit a building site before they arrive at Veterans Stadium in order to stock up with bricks.

In fact why not make the Eagles home opener on 20 September v the New Orleans Saints should be renamed ‘Throw a Brick at Vick’ Day.

I dont ask for much in life, but I would like to see Michael Vick stripped naked and then get him to step into a small cage and take on three starved pitbulls. Screw the jail sentence where he was probably seen as some cheap hero by his peers.

Roger Goodell you are a weak man. Jeffrey Lurie you need to look at yourself in the mirror.

Today is a sad day for the morality of mankind.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to disagree with your article on a few levels. I do not condone his actions, but he deserves a second chance. Firstly, for the most part, he was not directly involved with the dogs in the dog fighting ring. He was a financer, regular observer and occaisional gambler. He did have some level of involvement, but it was more aesthetic than anything. He admitted that he wouldn’t have been involved if he had stayed away from his childhood friends. Being from the south, dog fighting is a part of the culture, as unfortunate as that may be. He was caught and paid a heavy price for it – he spent 2 years in jail and lost hundreds of millions of dollars from endorsements and his contract. He served his time, and has done everything he can to redeem himself. He’s said all the right things, developed relationships with people who will help and is willing to do anything for the public to forgive him. He’s offered to speak on behalf of various organizations to children in schools in the south to help prevent them from being consumed by the culture. You have no idea what was said between Goodell and Vick and the specific terms of the reinstatement were never released to the public. I would bet that there are very strict terms preventing any negative actions. Being a football player was his career, and once you’ve served a jail sentence in America, you have a right to return. I support the second opportunity that he’s been provided with, but I certainly hope he doesn’t do anything stupid to blow it. He’s deserving of this second chance, but another incident will prove him to not be trustworthy enough to deserve a third chance. Something that is often overlooked about Vick is his community and charity work in Atlanta prior to this. He was very active with the youth in Atlanta and gave money to families that needed it. None of this is ever reported by the media though; it would take away from the image of him being a violent criminal.

    There is no reason for this outcry from the public, there are far worse issues with players in the NFL than dog fighting. People that are upset by Vick’s actions are ignorant to the more serious issues with NFL players. They are merely following the popular trend and joining the speculation from the media. Instead of being part of this group that cries foul, why don’t they do something productive in PREVENTING these things from happening – like Vick is attempting to do.

    Some of the more serious player issues that have never reached the level of public outcry as Vick:
    -Ray Lewis was charged with stabbing two men, yet always remained a prominent player in the league (No jail term)
    -Jared Allen was charged with a DUI twice (Total 2 days in jail)
    -Vincent Jackson had multiple DUI’s (No jail term)
    -Leonard Little was charged with DUI manslaughter after he hit and killed a woman (minor jail term), was released and a few years later was caught driving way over the alcohol limit again (no jail term)
    -Pacman Jones…..what can I say?
    -Marvin Harrison discharged a weapon in public and hit an innocent bystander (no jail term)
    -Donte Stallworth was over the alcohol limit and had marijuana in his system, and hit and killed a man while he was driving (30 days in prison)

    Where was the media outcry for all of those? The media that cries foul on Vick are complete hypocrites.

  2. voodoovos says:

    Fantastic response above – If only other readers of my blog could produce such comprehensive responses.

    I am mad about Vick getting a second chance to earn millions of dollars ($5m in 2010) because he simply was an NFL starting QB who could run the ball incredibly well.

    I think the likes of Stallworth, Lewis and co also have a lot to answer for. If you look at my other posts I have covered players like Lawrence Phillips and Ramsay Dardar.

    If Vick was a career backup or a UFA he would have just fallen off the radar, but due to his fame he has been given the chance to come back to the NFL.

    I do disagree that he is willing to do anything to please the public. Unless he gives all his wages to a dog cruelty charity Ill remain in the non-supporting Vick camp.



  3. BooMama says:

    Didn’t Vick actually torture and kill dogs? To me, that is a whole lot more than just financing…check your facts. Secondly, you need to checkout something called Southern Hope in Alpharetta. Not all southerners participate in such activities. I’m sure there are just as many uneducated and cruel individuals located in the North….you can start with the Eagles and their fans! While I believe in giving someone a second chance, I do not believe in elevating that person to a hero status nor allowing hundreds to cheer him. What type of message are we sending to our youth…I’m glad the Eagles got him…they truly belong together! I’ll be glad to provide bricks for this event.

  4. Michael says:

    Agree BooMama

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