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The Audible - my favourite NFL podcast
The Audible – my favourite NFL podcast

Everyone wants an edge when it comes to fantasy NFL, whether you are a rookie fan via a free or league or like me a hardcore fan owning teams with 55 players in a dynasty type league.

Some people pay for access to websites that claim to have ‘insider’ knowledge about the NFL, others buy magazines or even ring these crazy phone lines.

I on the other hand find nothing more pleasurable than hooking up my Ipod to Itunes and downloading a smorgasbord of fantasy NFL related podcasts.

Here are my two favourites……….

1) ESPN Football Today Podcast

ESPN have an excellent NFL podcast that is certainly satisfying my appetite for NFL gossip as from the start of this week (27 July 2009) they have gone daily.

The podcast is hosted by Jeremy Green, the son of former Vikings and Cardinals head coach Dennis ‘we were who they thought we were’ Green.

I couldn’t resist the clip below ! Dennis is the head coach of a team at present – only problem is that it is in the new american football league the UFL.

The content of this podcast is great, ranging from regular guest contributor and NFL writer Len Pasquirelli to the likes of special guests as big as Hall of Fame head coach Joe Gibbs.

Lots of fantasy team advice is dispensed each episode, and aside from Jeremy reminding listeners every week that his pop was an NFL signal caller it’s a superb way to spend your lunchtime or commuting time listening to these 40 minute broadcasts.

2) Football Guys – The Audible Podcast

This is my favourite – a pure hardcore blast of wall to wall fantasy NFL talk, only for those who know what phrases such as PPR (points per reception) and IDP (individual defensive players) mean.

The presenters Cecil Lammey and Sigmund Bloom may have ridiculous names that sound like some sort of underground alternative comedy act, but thankfully they are extremely knowledgeable and live and breathe NFL fantasy football.

Each show is an epic two full hours of NFL talk, no music and only minimal time spent plugging the http://www.footballguys.comwebsite subscription element.

If you want to know if you should ‘handcuff’ the likes of LeSean McCoy if you grab Brian Westbrook or want to discover if Beanie Wells will outproduce Donald Brown in 2009 then these guys are the people with some strong thoughts that could help you win your NFL fantasy league.

For no cost these are spectacular. The old saying that nothing in life is free is clearly not true here – these two podcasts are free and they are jam packed with NFL fantasy gossip.

It’s still only July, but I must say a big thankyou to Mr Green, Mr Lammy and Mr Bloom for making the arduous off-season gloom turn into a much sunnier time.

Do you download NFL fantasy podcasts? Let me know your thoughts on the ones you like and why…………..