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A few months ago I was introduced to the rather bizarre world of Twitter. Twittering it seems is the new My Space, Bebo and Facebook all stripped down and made simple.

Everyone is now twittering, from Elizabeth Taylor snubbing Michael Jackson’s funeral on Twitter to Chad ‘mad as a box of frogs’ OchoCinco announcing that he wants to Twitter during an NFL game. Thinking about it what are the odds on OchoCinco twittering in the end-zone in the 2009 season. I wouldn’t give more than about 3-1 odds.

To tweet or not to tweet that is the question? The answer I gave is that I have started twittering, and I now have great fun wading through people’s followers that are real NFL players or people associated with the NFL.

Up until yesterday I had sent around 20 or so direct messages to NFL players, and apart from Chris Cooley’s twitter manager saying ‘go to Chris’s shop’  to BUY an autograph, I had not had any replies.

Then last night my white knight of the realm came thundering through the forest and from across the pond I had an NFL associated response. The transcript is below, with a screen grab showing the response….

White@Adam_Schefter Adam what was it like when you were drafted #1 overall in the smug faced reporter draft of 2000? Did you expect an early call (sent about 14 hours ago)

My new best mate - the perfectly groomed Adam Schefter

My new best mate - the perfectly groomed Adam Schefter

My first famous person direct message on Twitter has come from none other than NFL Network reporter and blog writer Adam Schefter.

For some reason I thought of Schefter as a cheshire cat like grin machine, but now as he responded to me directly he has become my new best friend.

I am now attempting to conduct an email interview with Mr Schefter for my blog.

Ill keep you all updated.

McNair in the Superbowl - how he should be remembered
McNair in the Superbowl – how he should be remembered

I spent the last week on holiday in Cyprus, floating in a swimming pool listening to a whole raft of NFL pod-casts, some good, some poor and some that ITunes should have simply blocked from being uploaded.

In that time I did not access the Internet, and the only English speaking tv channels in the hotel were Sky News and BBC News.

Neither found the death of Steve McNair to be worthy of any sort of coverage, so when I switched my laptop on last night to discover McNair had been shot in the head and body I was taken aback.

McNair was the dictionary definition of a warhorse, a player who had guts, guile, great feet and above all the ability to lead a team.

One co-NFL MVP award, three Pro Bowl appearances, one All-Pro nod, an AFC Championship ring and a start in Superbowl XXXIV does not really go anywhere near justifying Steve McNair the NFL quarterback.

He earned every one of his 31, 304 regular season passing yards and deserved credit for every blade of grass and yard of AstroTurf he ran over to gain 3,590 regular season rushing yards (an incredible 5.4 yards a carry career average).

McNair was a warrior who finished 20th All Time in the NFL for pass completions and 12th All Time for career low interception percentage.

Having been drafted 3rd overall by the Houston Oilers in 1995, only Kerry Collins has surpassed him in passing yards for the Class of ’95, he did however out rush TWO 1995 first round running backs in his career (Ki-Jana Carter selected number 1 overall and Rashaan Salaam selected 21 overall) – this from a QUARTERBACK.

The gruesome nature of McNair’s death is something that I nor any Oilers, Titans or Ravens fan will want to dwell on for long I am sure.

Instead it is best to remember Steve as #9 a warrior, a gladiator who stood toe to toe with foes for 11 NFL seasons, never backing down a challenge, always ready to scramble that extra yard for a first down and always willing to inspire his team mates to move down the field for a score.

Time famously ran out for McNair in Superbowl XXXIV when his pass to Kevin Dyson failed to reach the endzone, now time has permanently run out for Steve McNair.

I’m sure the big man upstairs has room for a quarterback like Steve McNair on his roster.

R.I.P Steve McNair – a true NFL warhorse.