Derek Kinder Pitt WR - My 10th round selection

Derek Kinder Pitt WR - My 10th round selection

Anyone who loves NFL fantasy football should play Action PC Football. It is an opportunity to run a complete team, complete with 50 to 55 man rosters.

There are many dedicated Action PC Football commissioners and they all have different wrinkles to the way their leagues are run. I myself run two leagues the BBFL (Britball Football League) and the AMFL (Art Monk Football League).

One League I am in called the KRFL (Knute Rockne Football League) has a TEN round Rookie Draft in May. Yes TEN rounds of rookies, OK it is a 24 team league, but drafting ten rounds of NFL Rookies (who will not play in the league until 2010) is quite taxing even for a devoted NFL fan like me.

The task for me was made even more difficult due to two additional factors. I inherited a team that picked 23rd of 24 in every round, and I also had NO 1st or 3rd round pick.

So with that set of problems, and a disadvantage of not getting to watch NCAA College Football here in England, here are the 8 picks I did make. Feel free to add any useful comments about my selections and thoughts ……..

Overall Pick #47 Connor Barwin LB/DE Cincinnati (Drafted by Texans pick 46)

I hope this guy turns into the new Mike Vrabel, its great he can play so many positions.

Overall Pick #95 Rashad Jennings RB Liberty (Drafted by Jaguars pick #250)

This guy can become the #2 RB in Jax, Fred Taylor is gone and there is a big gap behind MJD.

Overall Pick #119 Nate Davis QB Ball State (Drafted by 49ers pick #171)

Yes he rides the pine for a year, but is Shaun Hill or Alex Smith the real future of the Red and Gold?

Overall Pick #143 AQ ShipleyC Penn State (Drafted by Steelers pick #226)

Gotta love my NittanyLions, what with the 08 Superbowl OL seen as one of the worst ever.

Overall Pick #167  Glover Quin CB New Mexico (Drafted by Texans #112)

I got some value here, and Quin could become the nickel back right away.

Overall Pick #191 Stryker Sulak DE Missouri (Drafted by Raiders pick #199)

This guy has pipe cleaner arms but is a good honest pass rusher.

Overall Pick #215 LaRod Stephens-Howling RB  Pitt (Drafted by Cardinals pick #240)

I’m hoping La-Rod becomes a Darren Sproles type returner and utility back.

Overall Pick #239 Derek KinderWR Pitt (Drafted by Bears pick #251)

Kinder has some jets – check out this touchdown below. If he makes it through camp he could be a #3 or #4.

As always I welcome your thoughts………..

  1. Fricker says:

    Jennings won’t be #2 in Jax. Greg Jones will get carries as a hybrid RB/FB tweener. Jennings will be #3 at best.

  2. Vince says:

    As a PITT fan I have watched LaRod Stephens-Howling play for 4 years and thought he was what they call All-Purpose Back (APB). A true All-Purpose Back is a player who will not be a every down back, but could do-it-all (running, catching, kick-returns and punt-returns). He will be a good 3rd down back and a KR, good in the open field.

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