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Will Seahawks grab Sanchez?

Will Seahawks grab Sanchez?

Everyone has a go at a mock draft, and NFL FAN IN ENGLAND could therefore not resist. I can bet the likes of Barak Obama to Dr Stephen Hawkings have a list somewhere, whether it is on White House watermarked stationery or the back of a KFC napkin. With the NFL Draft just hours away its a nervous time for scouts, GMs, owners and fans alike.

 1 Detroit Lions – Matthew Stafford QB – OK I cheated he has already been selected
2 St. Louis Rams – Jason Smith OT – This is the replacement for Orlando Pace and a sensible selection
3 Kansas City Chiefs – Aaron Cury LB – This is a case of the best player over the biggest need
4 Seattle Seahawks – Mark Sanchez QB – He has shot up the board and rainy Seattle is the best place to learn
5 Cleveland Browns – Michael Crabtree WR – Even if he wasnt injured he would not have gone #1
6 Cincinnati Bengals – Eugene Monroe OT – Bungles need more than this dude but Carson will like the move
7 Oakland Raiders – Jeremy Macklin WR – I do buy all the crap written that Al Davis loves speed
8 Jacksonville Jaguars – Brian Orakpo LB – Jags look to get younger and faster on D
9 Green Bay Packers – BJ Raji DT – Packers do have other needs but if this is the next Ngata then v cool
10 San Francisco 49ers – Andre Smith OT – Smith may look like a sack of spuds but he is tough
11 Buffalo Bills – Malcolm Jenkins DB – Bit of a shock here but Jenkins can be a star
12 Denver Broncos – Tyson Jackson DE- Broncos miss Raji but keep with a D star
13 Washington Redskins – Michael Oher OT – Yes they need DE but Samuels and Jansen are old
14 New Orleans Saints – Beanie Wells RB – The New Awleenz backfield gets a bit more crowded
15 Houston Texans – Robert Ayres DE – Texans need a new pal for Super Mario
16 San Diego Chargers – Rey Maualuaga LB – Chargers need this player to upgrade d immediately
17 New York Jets – Darius Heyward-Bey WR – Jets want to stretch the field (that is if they do not trade up) 
18 Denver Broncos (from Chicago)- Knowshon Moreno RB – This time the Broncos get a stud RB early
19 Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Josh Freeman QB – Buccs cannot go into 09 with a McCown at the helm
20 Detroit Lions (from Dallas) Clay Matthews LB – A general for many years to come
21 Philadelphia Eagles – Donald Brown RB – with Moreno gone Brown will be the new king
22 Minnesota Vikings – Hakeem Nicks WR – Everyone forget the Williamson mess up right now
23 New England Patriots – Brandon Pettigrew TE – best TE on the board
24 Atlanta Falcons – Percy Harvin WR – Howabout White, Gonzales and Harvin my my !
25 Miami Dolphins – Brian Cushing OLB – The Fins are gonna get that bit better with Cushing
26 Baltimore Ravens – Aaron Maybin DE – Ravens do what they do best nurture D talent
27 Indianapolis Colts – James Lauirinaitis – LB Colts always need tacklers
28 Buffalo Bills-  Peria Jerry DT – Bills get a big body to disrupt opponents
29 New York Giants –  Everette Brown DE – Biggest faller – this is a steal
30 Tennessee Titans – Larry English LB – The successor for Keith Bishop
31 Arizona Cardinals – Evander Hood DT – Cards will get a new WR later in draft
32 Pittsburgh Steelers – Eben Britten OT – Steelers OLine needs a boost

Come on – love to hear your opinion ………..

  1. Fleder says:

    Bucs WILL go at the 09 with McCown… and have bigger needs than QB. DL, LB, WR, CB… those are spots when they have less players than QB.

  2. Towen says:

    IS THAT A JOKE AT 24!? Harvin!?

    listen carefully. WE LOST 5 DEFENSIVE STARTERS.

    Harvin isnt even a 1st round player anymore.


  3. EDITOR says:

    Well Freeman was selected by the Buccs and Harvin went at #22 !!!!

    Hmmm maybe I do know a little bit about this sport.

    Keep up the comments.


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