Washington Redskins Offseason needs

Posted: February 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

Parity – the utopia of NFL executives, where every team in the NFL finishes 8-8 and the entire playoff structure is decided by a series of nail biting coin tosses (no doubt by someone from the US military).

8-8 in 2008 meant something for the San Diego Chargers, as they managed to bob above the old parts and one eyed monsters that were the waterlogged trash compacter of the playoffs.

8-8 on the other hand meant another year of futility, frustration and forgettable football for the Washington Redskins, who decided to exemplify parity, and become the sheriff of a town called Average.

Nobody wants their team to finish 8-8 – its like getting to second base only to find the woman, who’s top you are fumbling under, is simultaneously yawning and texting for a taxi home.

It was a journey, you had hope at the outset, you felt the buzz of potentially seeing young parts you had not seen before (in this instance rookies Devin Thomas WR, Malcolm Kelly WR and Fred Davis TE), you felt the skills you already had would be silky smooth (Clinton Portis and Santana Moss), and you looked forward to making a real impact (London Fletcher, Jason Taylor, LaRon Landry).

To end with an average outcome is to own the proverbial glass of milk – is it half filling the receptacle or is it half empty – the cow may be producing the tasty calcium drink, but will his body make that juicy angus steak that you crave?

So what are the needs of the Washington Redskins in the offseason?

More to follow………


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