Pinch me please I must be dreaming the Cardinals are in the Superbowl

Posted: January 19, 2009 in Uncategorized
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Kurt Warner walks on water - he was divine against the Eagles
Kurt Warner walks on water – he was divine against the Eagles

I must be unconscious, I must be drunk, and above all I must be dreaming because the Arizona Cardinals are in the Superbowl.

Keep saying it – THE ARIZONA CARDINALS ARE IN THE SUPERBOWL – it sounds like it is unreal, but when the likes of Larry Fitzgerald and Tim Hightower wake up on Monday morning they can stop dreaming and start preparing for a date in Tampa Bay in the Big Dance.
Don’t get me wrong 95 points in three playoff games is remarkable, I just didn’t think I would ever spend two weeks pondering if the Arizona Cardinals could lift the Vince Lombardi trophy!
Kurt Warner must have had a big gulp of holy water before the game as he truly walked on water against the Eagles in the NFC Championship game – 4 touchdowns, and an ice cold 4th quarter drive that included a silky smooth 2 point conversion pass.
Yes I predicted the Eagles to win, and yes I got it wrong, but secretly I was supporting the Cardinals throughout the game. Way back in Summer 2008 I picked both Calais Campbell (DE) and Tim Hightower at pick #114 (RB) in one of my 55 man fantasy drafts (where we get to pick 5 rookies) so to see them playing in a Superbowl it will make it that little bit personal.
Hightower in fact got the winning touchdown to get the Cards to the Superbowl – If you would have asked me in Summer 08 if that would have happened I would have asked you to stop drinking or cut down on your medication.
As it is Kurt Warner is back in the big game, and with a head coach like Ken Whisenhunt and a mentor like Jesus – I think it will be awfully hard for the Steelers (currently 3-0 up and jusy intercepted Flacco) or the Ravens to win the final in Florida.
Lets see if there is any Cardinals merchandise available here in England !!!!!
  1. Revo says:

    Nice blog Law. Im not sure how much Cardinals merchandise is available here in the states either. I’m guessing there will be ALOT more tommorrow…

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