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Bruiser Jacobs to bash the Browns black and blue

Bruiser Jacobs to bash the Browns black and blue

Week 6 in the NFL and 41-32 is not exactly awesome – but its more correct than wrong ! – Here we go again – now for

NFLFANINENGLAND’s Week 6 NFL predictions and a few notes to go alongside the predictions. My big player of the week – Brandon Jacobs the Giants bruising RB – 120 yards rushing and at least 1 td.

Jacobs is not treated as a megastud but he is a double hard bastard (reference to a UK comedy called Game On РUSA fans enjoy).

CIN @ NYJ – Jets to win 23-9 – Ryan Fitzpatrick is about all I need to say here. Favre will look to have a field day and Ocho Stupido will probably get himself an NFL sulking record.

MIA @ HOU РDolphins to win 27-21 РRonnie and Ricky (almost sounds like Ronnie and Reggie as in the Kray Twins again look these people up Рhardcore) will dominate and the Fins start gaining confidence.

CHI @ ATL – Bears to win 24-20 – Michael Turner will have a giant bulls-eye on his shirt and Kyle Orton is doing very well despite average wrs. Watch Devin Hester as a WR – he can make magic happen.

DET @ MIN – Vikes to win 34-14 – Everyone knows AP can kill the Lions by himself, but watch out as Gus Frerotte is having a renaissance and could chip in with 250 yards and 2 tds in the win.

CAR @ TB – Panthers to win 28-21 – Jake the Snake to use the passing game when needed, and the Panthers D to remain silent but deadly. Garcia or Griese it matters not the Buccs are not gonna match the Panthers.

BAL @ IND – Colts to win 31-21 – The Colts have not been that good in 08, but the Wayne TD (my pick of the week last week – check previous post) will help Indy get back on form. Addai to get 2 tds.

OAK @ NO – Saints to win 38-24 – Brees is on FIRE – he can’t stop passing and could do something silly like getting 5000 yards – Raiders are a club that are once again suffering from the wrath of Old Man Al.

STL @ WAS – Redskins to win 27-17 – Campbell has not committed a turnover this season so i full expect him to do so against the weakest team in the NFL. Not the whipping everyone expects but Rams to falter.

JAC @ DEN – Broncos to win 31-30 – I expect a nail-biter, which sees some bizarre Cutler td pass winning the game in a wild comeback. Jags running game is spluttering a bit and that will cost them here.

GB @ SEA – Pack to win 33-20 – Aaron Rodgers is to quote Dennis Green ‘exactly who the Packers scouts though he was’. Lets all take a few Lambeau Leaps and enjoy the ride – Seahawks are not very good.

DAL @ ARI – Cowboys to win 41-31 – Tony Romo will win but Kurt Warner will pass for More yards in the game. Marion Barber will want to get back in the endzone and I am confident he will (maybe twice).

PHI @ SF – 49ers to win 24-20 – UPSET of the week – with Westbrook out and San Francisco at home this could be the game that shows Frank Gore should be talked about as an elite running back.

NE @ SD – Chargers to win 19-17 – Chargers will be fired up and will show that they are for real, by winning ugly. Pats are still a good team but the Chargers will have more desire and better rushing yards.

NYG @ CLE – Giants to win 31-16 – The Giants are looking pretty ruthless at the moment and the Browns look like – well Ruth! Giants give the ball to Jacobs and he drives a stake through the Dawg Pound.

Byes: Bills, Chiefs, Steelers, Titans

Have the New Orleans Saints handed over a brown envelope to the NFL marketing people in London? There are TWO teams coming to London after all.

Have the New Orleans Saints handed over a brown envelope to the NFL marketing people in London? There are TWO teams coming to London after all.

Hooray my tickets arrived this morning for the San Diego Chargers v New Orleans Saints game at Wembley Stadium, now just two weeks away.

have to admit the tickets for the 2008 NFL International Game are a vast improvement on the 2007 ones as the four game tickets I secured have a picture of Saints quarterback Drew Brees on them, a sweet embossed gold headline text and a faded background that looks neat.

I do wonder if other people get tickets with a Chargers player on them ? If not it seems a bit unfair to just have one team represented on the tickets.

The taligate tickets are also pretty cool – but again there is a Cajun feel, with a Saints logo on the ticket and some authentic New Orleans jazz musicians in a faded black and white photo background.

I do think the design is a Lambeau Leap above last years effort but if I am a San Diego Charger I am not exactly delighted.

It takes two teams to tango and I do like the retro Chargers uniform with the white helmets and powder blue shirts, it does seem that NFL marketing officials are not fans of the Chargers kit or brand.

One final comment for all those NFL marketing people – included in with my game tickets and tailgate tickets was a promotional flier for the purchase of NFL merchandise.

Thankfully it had BOTH the Saints (Marques Coltson wideout) and Chargers (Chris Chambers wideout) represented.

There was a problem though as the image of Chambers is reversed – so his shirt number and chargers name read RIGHT to LEFT.

It’s only one game a year guys – get it right !

Anyone else have any ticket observations ?

How many non-NFL obsessives can name this man ?

How many non-NFL obsessives in the UK can name this man ? Judging by the NFL marketing effort for the London game just two weeks away - not many.

I have a few observations with just over two weeks before the San Diego Chargers play the New Orleans Saints in London, England …..

As a registered NFLUK member I seem to keep getting emails saying that tickets are still available, whether it is returns or TicketMaster just magically finding the odd billet down the back of their proverbial sofa.

I get the feeling this game is not going to be a sell out, just like last year when there were large sections near the field that were covered in a tarpaulin and used to advertise products.

I also spend some of my day job reading UK newspapers and magazines (I am a press officer so it’s legit!) and I am certainly hard pressed to find articles on the Chargers players, the Saints players or any reference to the NFL.

We suffered badly in the UK last year when the only weekly American Football magazine in Europe ceased to exist.

No-one has taken up the baton to produce an American Football newspaper or an American sports magazine. Yes we can buy a sanitised ‘European’ version of USA Today, and if you are lucky enough to live in a big town like London or Birmingham you can pick up ESPN magazine or the Sporting News at Borders in a shopping centre, but the copies are next to useless as they are at least two weeks to a month old.

The NFL will put a load of glossy spin on the success of the game that will be played at Wembley Stadium on October 26, but I would like to ask the following questions

1) How many of the tickets allocated for the game were actually sold to real fans and how many were allocated by the NFL as corporate freebies to advertisers, journalists and general corporate spongers?

2) Have the NFL conducted thorough research to engage with new fans ? I would put money on more than 750 in¬†1000 people¬†interviewed¬†randomly on Oxford Street in London or New Street in Birmingham¬†not being able to fill in the blank ….Name the team¬†The San Diego¬†________?¬†The New Orleans ______?

Don’t get me wrong I love the NFL and I will love being at the game, I just question what is being done to actively promote the NFL to people outside London ? Not a fat lot from where I am sitting.

Any thoughts let me know…………………..

A big game is due from Reggie Wayne - my start of the week !

A big game is due from Reggie Wayne - my start of the week !

Still three undefeated teams – by the end of this week that could be one – but which one? My predicting skills have been up and down, but I have a good feeling about this week. My prediction for a big game this week – another wide receiver – this time wearing two blue horse shoes on his head – Reggie Wayne – Colts WR v Texans.

Buffalo Bills at Arizona Cardinals – Bills to go an incredible 5-0 – Bills win 24-21

Tennessee Titans at Baltimore Ravens – Titans to lose in a slugfest – Ravens to win 19-17

Kansas City Chiefs at Carolina Panthers – Panthers to ‘run’ up the score – Panthers to win 31-21

Indianapolis Colts at Houston Texans – Colts to put on a show – Colts to win 38-17

San Diego Chargers at Miami Dolphins – Miami’s high is short lived – Chargers to win 28-16

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions – Matt Forte is in town Lions frown – Bears to win 24-9

Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers – Packers can win with heart – Packers to win 29-21

Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants – Big Blue still under radar – Giants to win 26-18

Washington Redskins at Philadelphia Eagles – Winner gets a huge lift – Eagles to win 27-24 (ot)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Denver Broncos – Cutler to show his class – Broncos to win 27-23

Cincinnati Bengals at Dallas Cowboys – Hitch a ride on the Barber bus – Cowboys to win 34-24

New England Patriots at San Francisco 49ers – Pats will be motivated – Pats to win 31-24

Pittsburgh Steelers at Jacksonville Jaguars – Jags to run for fun – Jags to win 21-20

Minnesota Vikings at New Orleans Saints – AP breaks out with a monster game – Vikes to win 33-24

Bye week: St. Louis Rams, New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, Oakland Raiders

Where the hell did it go wrong ? From a touchdown scoring rookie to a man behind bars - Lawrence Phillips is an example of how it can go pear shaped
Where the hell did it go wrong ? From a touchdown scoring rookie to a man behind bars – Lawrence Phillips is an example of how it can go pear shaped

He was the 6th pick overall in the 1996 draft after some spectacular outings for the Nebraska Cornhuskers, but it seems Lawrence Phillips and trouble were partners for life back then, and they still are twelve years later.

Phillips this week (Friday 2 October 2008) was sent to prison for ten years, for assault with a deadly weapon, scribing the darkest and bloodiest exclamation point in the diary of his wasted career, a career that thousands of Americans would have sold their soul to taste.

Having been an NFL fan since 1985 I have witnessed through the television and the likes of legendary UK American football magazine ‘First Down’ the rise and fall of thousands of NFL athletes. Lets just say for every hero that wins a Superbowl there seems to have been an equal amount of villans create and fall into rotten cracks in the NFL’s yellow brick road to immortality.

Lawrence Phillips should have been the running back to have taken the Rams to a Superbowl, or been the one to at least backup Marshall Faulk when the Greatest Show on Turf ruled the NFLs landscape.

Instead he is facing up to the next decade in a prisoncell, mixing with convicts and prison guards who will look down on a man who had the world in his hands, but blew it bigger than 1,000 clowns at a balloon modelling expo.

The first round of the 1996 NFL Draft (30 players) produced 15 Pro-Bowlers – so a pretty good cohort in anyonesbooks. Looking at the first 50 picks only 5 running backs were selected with Phillips the first chosen (#6 overall), drafted ahead running backs Tim Biakabutuka (Panthers #8 overall), Eddie George (#14 overall), Leeland McElroy (Cardinals #32 yep I have no idea who he is either!!!) and Mike Alstott (Buccaneers #35).

Lets have a brief look at the regular season careers of these 5 backs drafted in the 1996 top 50…
Lawrence Phillips – 1,453 rushing yards, 14 rushing tds, 219 receiving yards 1 td – No playoff games
Tim Biakabutuka – 2,530 rushing yards, 14 touchdowns, 789 receiving yards 3 tds – No playoff games
Eddie George – 10,441 rushing yards, 68 touchdowns, 2,227 receiving yards 10tds – 5 playoff tds
Leeland McElroy – 729 rushing yards, 3 touchdowns, 73 receiving yards 1 td – No playoff games
Mike Alstott – 5,088, 58 rushing tds, 2,284 receiving yards, 13 tds – 7 playoff tds

Phillips got selected highest but his low carrer output was below Tim Biakabutuka and his yards per game career average of 41.5 ranks 179th in NFL history. Hardly worthy of a #6 pick.

Phillips had the opportunity to become a hero, but he will forever be remembered as a pantomime villan, a cat who used 8 of his nine lives. About the only thing in Lawrence’s favour is the fact he is still alive – unlike other tragic NFL tales such as Darrent Williams.

Will lessons be learnt behind bars by Lawrence? Maybe. Its too late now though for Lawrence to ever suit up again as a professional football player – what a waste, what a waste.

Dear NFL Fantasy Fan,

I have four vacancies in the AMFL – Art Monk Football League – 24 team non cap FREE to enter league and one in the BBFL, Britball Football League – 20 team non – cap league.

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Draft status
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AMFL Saints roster includes – DeAngelo Williams, Hines Ward, Owen Daniels, Tavaris Jackson, Matt Schaub, John Runyan, Julius Peppers, David Harris, Julian Petersen, Angelo Crowell, Antonio Cromarte, Ed Reed, OJ Atogwe, Pierre Thomas

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Drew Brees currently lead the NFL in passing yards - will he still be leading in 4 weeks after his Wembley debut???

Drew Brees currently lead the NFL in passing yards - will he still be leading in 4 weeks after his Wembley debut???

It’s the half way point between the 2008 NFL season starting and the San Diego Chargers taking on the New Orleans Saints at¬†Wembley Stadium in England and we have no clear favourite with both teams boasting a rather ordinary 2-2 record.

On the face of it the Chargers are the hotter team going into week 5 having won their last two and scored 76 points in their last eight electric quarters.

The Saints snapped a two game losing streak with a convincing win over divisional rivals the 49ers, and at the moment have the best performing pass offense in the entire NFL – averaging an eye popping 327 yards a game.

NFLFANINENGLAND takes a look at some of the more interesting statistics, notes and observations from the Chargers and the Saints teams after a quarter of the regular season in the books…….

  • Saints QB Drew Brees leads the NFL in passing yards after 4 weeks (1,343 yards) which is¬†191 more than Ben Roethliberger (Steelers) and Carson Palmer (Bengals) put together
  • Chargers QB Philip Rivers is 2ndin the NFL in passer rating after 4 weeks (109.8) just behind Jets vet Brett Favre, and just ahead of Drew Brees, who ranks #3
  • Although the team rank #1 in the NFL for passing yards in all 4 Saints games the leading game receiver (by yards)¬†has NOT been a Saints wide receiver – the Chargers also suffer the same affliction as the leading game receiver in their 4 games
  • Chargers RB LaDanian Tomlinson is averaging a very ‘average’ 3.8 yards a run after 4 games, his worst season average since he was a rookie in 2001 (when it was 3.6 a carry) *I for one think LT misses the hell out of Lorenzo Neal*
  • The Saints leading rusher after 4 games is Reggie Bush – who ranks a paltry 38thin the NFL for rushing yards, behind the likes of #2 rbs Jonathan Stewart, Michael Bush and Warwick Dunn
  • 2007 Charger backup RB Michael Turner leads the NFL in rushing yards in 2008 after 4 weeks with 422 yards and a 5.5 yards a carry average
  • The NFL’sleading receiver (by catches)¬†after 4 weeks is none other than Saints RB Reggie Bush – with 31 catches – This means Bush is on target to catch 124 passes this season
  • The Chargers leading receivers (by catches) after 4 weeks are rather unsurprisingly TE Antonio Gates – with 15 catches and Vincent Jackson with the same 15¬†– but at a much better yard per catch average
  • The leading Saints WRafter 4 weeks is the rather unknown Lance Moore with 17 catches
  • The Saints leading sackerafter 4 games is Charles Grant DE with 3
  • The Chargers leading sacker after 4 games is unheralded OLB Jyles Tucker also with 3

I hope you enjoyed those !