Jesus – can we please get a UK journalist who knows something about the NFL

Posted: October 25, 2008 in Uncategorized
Is it just me or did Plaxico Burress CATCH the winning score in the last Superbowl?

Is it just me or did Plaxico Burress CATCH the winning score in the last Superbowl?

I have just returned from my weekly fight with a cross-trainer and as part of my routine I grab a copy of the Independent newspaper, given free to all members of my gym.

I thought hmmmm with one day to go before the Chargers v Saints NFL game at Wembley Stadium that this well established and informed UK national newspaper would hopefully have an article discussing the game.

I was pleasantly surprised as I pulled out the sports supplement and saw a small picture of Philip Rivers the San Diego QB on the cover trailing an article on page 14.

I hurriedly flicked through only to find a double-page spread on Rugby Union.

So I continue through the egg-chasing pages untilI get to page 19 and see a full page devoted to the NFL under the headline ‘Preaching to the converted’ with a picture of Cleo Lemon the Dolphins QB just after he had launched a pass whilst being pursued by Giants DE Justin Tuck.

I get to near the bottom of the first column and these are the exact words …..

‘Take the Giants’ gutsy win at snow bound, sub-zero Lambeau Field to see off the Green Bay Packers last January; or the heart-break of the New England Patriots losing their season long unbeaten record in last February’s Super Bowl to a last ditch Giants field goal.’

A FIELD GOAL – now correct me if I am wrong but didn’t Eli Manning march the Giants the length of the field on one of the most impressive 4th quarter drives in Superbowl history, culminating in a winning touchdown PASS to Plaxico Burress?

Not only does this ‘journalist’ Stan Hey make this epic blunder, he also decides to see how many cringeworthy cliches about the NFL in England, enough to make me want to puke up my bacon bagel.

1) He mentions William ‘the Refridgerator’ Perry not once but TWICE – Can someone tell this reporter we have moved on and 6ft2 and 382lb is no longer a jaw dropping weight – its very average for a big run stuffing defensive lineman

2) He mentions the Lingerie Bowl game – which did not even involve any NFL athletes

3) He says both QBs regularly rack up 300 yard passing games – To date Philip Rivers the Chargers QB has racked up 6 300 yard games in 44. 6 in 44 that’s 13.6% or just over once every 10 games – not regular in my book.

About the only positive was to make reference to the British University American Football scene, which plays a vital role in promoting the sport to young people, and helps fuel their passion for life for the NFL.

IF I was grading this article I would give it an E – e for exceptionally cliched and e for exceptionally uneducated.

Stan – maybe you need to go and visit the NFL’s new Coach Stilo site and learn some of the basics first.

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