Drew Brees comes knocking – just the ticket (maybe)!

Posted: October 11, 2008 in New Orleans Saints, NFL, NFL International, San Diego Chargers
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Have the New Orleans Saints handed over a brown envelope to the NFL marketing people in London? There are TWO teams coming to London after all.

Have the New Orleans Saints handed over a brown envelope to the NFL marketing people in London? There are TWO teams coming to London after all.

Hooray my tickets arrived this morning for the San Diego Chargers v New Orleans Saints game at Wembley Stadium, now just two weeks away.

have to admit the tickets for the 2008 NFL International Game are a vast improvement on the 2007 ones as the four game tickets I secured have a picture of Saints quarterback Drew Brees on them, a sweet embossed gold headline text and a faded background that looks neat.

I do wonder if other people get tickets with a Chargers player on them ? If not it seems a bit unfair to just have one team represented on the tickets.

The taligate tickets are also pretty cool – but again there is a Cajun feel, with a Saints logo on the ticket and some authentic New Orleans jazz musicians in a faded black and white photo background.

I do think the design is a Lambeau Leap above last years effort but if I am a San Diego Charger I am not exactly delighted.

It takes two teams to tango and I do like the retro Chargers uniform with the white helmets and powder blue shirts, it does seem that NFL marketing officials are not fans of the Chargers kit or brand.

One final comment for all those NFL marketing people – included in with my game tickets and tailgate tickets was a promotional flier for the purchase of NFL merchandise.

Thankfully it had BOTH the Saints (Marques Coltson wideout) and Chargers (Chris Chambers wideout) represented.

There was a problem though as the image of Chambers is reversed – so his shirt number and chargers name read RIGHT to LEFT.

It’s only one game a year guys – get it right !

Anyone else have any ticket observations ?

  1. realheavyd says:

    The reason your tickets have Saints players and logos on them and none of the Chargers is because this particular game (though it’s actually being played in London, England) is slated on the NFL schedule as a New Orleans Saints home game. You can expect all kinds of pre-game stuff in the “cajun feel” with jazz music & cajun/creole food as well as a re-creation of Bourbon Street (which would only be authentic if they manage to re-create the fresh smell of puke on the street too). I hope that you enjoy your “New Orleans experience” and your Saints “home game” over there in London!

  2. realheavyd says:

    Believe it or not, the picture of your ticket looks a lot like the tickets that Saints fans get for their home games too. Imagine that, huh?!?! By the way, who will you be rooting for in the London game anyway?

  3. Besides recreating the puke, don’t forget the horse feces.

  4. voodoovos says:

    EDITOR’S NOTE – I accept it is a Saints home game and that New Orleans being the home team should have more marketing than the Chargers on the tix, but the Chargers are travelling all the way from the West Coast to play in London and should be given some sort of recognition for doing so. I too have been to regular season NFL games. For the Buccs v Redskins in Tampa there was Alex Smith the Buccs TE on the tix, for Charger at home v Jets there was no pic, for Redskins at home v Cowboys it was Lavar Arrington (whatever happened to him?). I appreciate that the ‘home’ team get the marketing, but this is an exceptional game. In 2007 in the official NFL tailgate party you had both a Miami zone and a New York zone. Miami food and New York themed food, you also got to meet former Miami and former NYG players. The free trading cards handed out also included Giants and Dolphins players. Lets hope the Chargers do get some respect for this game, but yes I DO understand it is a Saints home game.

    To answer another question I will be rooting for the people on my fantasy teams or Action PC teams to have big games (Antonio Gates, Jamal Williams, Devery Henderson, Brees, Rivers, Reggie Bush, Usama Young). I will also be cheering for Chargers backup rookie rb Jacob Hester as he let me interview him via email.

  5. Spazza says:

    What a load of crap, it’s the home team. Who gives a stuff if the Chargers are making the trip, they are paid professionals FFS.

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