Can any non-NFL fan in the UK recognise Ladanian Tomlinson?

Posted: October 9, 2008 in New Orleans Saints, NFL, NFL International, San Diego Chargers
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How many non-NFL obsessives can name this man ?

How many non-NFL obsessives in the UK can name this man ? Judging by the NFL marketing effort for the London game just two weeks away - not many.

I have a few observations with just over two weeks before the San Diego Chargers play the New Orleans Saints in London, England …..

As a registered NFLUK member I seem to keep getting emails saying that tickets are still available, whether it is returns or TicketMaster just magically finding the odd billet down the back of their proverbial sofa.

I get the feeling this game is not going to be a sell out, just like last year when there were large sections near the field that were covered in a tarpaulin and used to advertise products.

I also spend some of my day job reading UK newspapers and magazines (I am a press officer so it’s legit!) and I am certainly hard pressed to find articles on the Chargers players, the Saints players or any reference to the NFL.

We suffered badly in the UK last year when the only weekly American Football magazine in Europe ceased to exist.

No-one has taken up the baton to produce an American Football newspaper or an American sports magazine. Yes we can buy a sanitised ‘European’ version of USA Today, and if you are lucky enough to live in a big town like London or Birmingham you can pick up ESPN magazine or the Sporting News at Borders in a shopping centre, but the copies are next to useless as they are at least two weeks to a month old.

The NFL will put a load of glossy spin on the success of the game that will be played at Wembley Stadium on October 26, but I would like to ask the following questions

1) How many of the tickets allocated for the game were actually sold to real fans and how many were allocated by the NFL as corporate freebies to advertisers, journalists and general corporate spongers?

2) Have the NFL conducted thorough research to engage with new fans ? I would put money on more than 750 in 1000 people interviewed randomly on Oxford Street in London or New Street in Birmingham not being able to fill in the blank ….Name the team The San Diego ________? The New Orleans ______?

Don’t get me wrong I love the NFL and I will love being at the game, I just question what is being done to actively promote the NFL to people outside London ? Not a fat lot from where I am sitting.

Any thoughts let me know…………………..

  1. jonjo says:

    Very amateurish blog to be honest; inaccurately stated that 2007 game not a sell-out due to “seats covered up”; you completely miss the point about the saints being the home team (re tix); and the nfl have invested a lot of time into a new web-site at to promote the game to non-US fans…

    Will stick to myself…

  2. Cycotic1 says:

    In terms of advertisemernt in the UK, I cannot say what the situation is, or how bad. I live in the US. I’d love to see football go global though, and starting it out in the UK is an excellent starting point I think.

    Why did they stop the NFL mags. there?

  3. voodoovos says:

    EDITOR’S NOTE – First Down magazine was not an official NFL publication, it was however a fantastic publication for UK fans and is still sorely missed. I think reasons for the collapse include the fact sattelite tv in UK covers a lot more NFL, 4 live games a week and Total Access every day is great. Also the internet means people can get all the news immediately and did not have the patience to wait until a Thurdsday each week (publication day). I would love to see new fans to the NFL too. As for Coach Stilo – the trailers shown during the UK NFL coverage were quite juvenile and annoying, and were preaching to AN ALREADY converted audience. I have rights to make the comment as I do not see Coach Stilo adverts during shows that do have millions of viewers such as the ‘X Factor’ or any of the non BBC soap operas.

  4. Isaac David says:

    Watching The San Diego Chargers play the New Orleans Saints in London England as a San Diegan who has not only vacationed in the UK but lived in London for various stretches of time I am excited to see this exchange of culture in action.

    However I feel the NFL has a long way to go if they expect to compete with the other football, rugby or cricket in the UK or Europe in general.

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