Half way to Wembley NFL game and we have no clear favourite

Posted: October 1, 2008 in Uncategorized
Drew Brees currently lead the NFL in passing yards - will he still be leading in 4 weeks after his Wembley debut???

Drew Brees currently lead the NFL in passing yards - will he still be leading in 4 weeks after his Wembley debut???

It’s the half way point between the 2008 NFL season starting and the San Diego Chargers taking on the New Orleans Saints at Wembley Stadium in England and we have no clear favourite with both teams boasting a rather ordinary 2-2 record.

On the face of it the Chargers are the hotter team going into week 5 having won their last two and scored 76 points in their last eight electric quarters.

The Saints snapped a two game losing streak with a convincing win over divisional rivals the 49ers, and at the moment have the best performing pass offense in the entire NFL – averaging an eye popping 327 yards a game.

NFLFANINENGLAND takes a look at some of the more interesting statistics, notes and observations from the Chargers and the Saints teams after a quarter of the regular season in the books…….

  • Saints QB Drew Brees leads the NFL in passing yards after 4 weeks (1,343 yards) which is 191 more than Ben Roethliberger (Steelers) and Carson Palmer (Bengals) put together
  • Chargers QB Philip Rivers is 2ndin the NFL in passer rating after 4 weeks (109.8) just behind Jets vet Brett Favre, and just ahead of Drew Brees, who ranks #3
  • Although the team rank #1 in the NFL for passing yards in all 4 Saints games the leading game receiver (by yards) has NOT been a Saints wide receiver – the Chargers also suffer the same affliction as the leading game receiver in their 4 games
  • Chargers RB LaDanian Tomlinson is averaging a very ‘average’ 3.8 yards a run after 4 games, his worst season average since he was a rookie in 2001 (when it was 3.6 a carry) *I for one think LT misses the hell out of Lorenzo Neal*
  • The Saints leading rusher after 4 games is Reggie Bush – who ranks a paltry 38thin the NFL for rushing yards, behind the likes of #2 rbs Jonathan Stewart, Michael Bush and Warwick Dunn
  • 2007 Charger backup RB Michael Turner leads the NFL in rushing yards in 2008 after 4 weeks with 422 yards and a 5.5 yards a carry average
  • The NFL’sleading receiver (by catches) after 4 weeks is none other than Saints RB Reggie Bush – with 31 catches – This means Bush is on target to catch 124 passes this season
  • The Chargers leading receivers (by catches) after 4 weeks are rather unsurprisingly TE Antonio Gates – with 15 catches and Vincent Jackson with the same 15 – but at a much better yard per catch average
  • The leading Saints WRafter 4 weeks is the rather unknown Lance Moore with 17 catches
  • The Saints leading sackerafter 4 games is Charles Grant DE with 3
  • The Chargers leading sacker after 4 games is unheralded OLB Jyles Tucker also with 3

I hope you enjoyed those !


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