The 35,000 yard club is about to welcome a new member

Posted: September 20, 2008 in NFL
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Pop quiz – Name the quarterback

1) He was drafted in 1995

2) He has only had 4 winning seasons since 1995

3) He has played for 5 NFL teams

4) He has been to a Superbowl as a starter but admitted he sucked (don’t click on link yet – that’s cheating)

5) He has rushed for 9 touchdowns to date

6) He has fumbled 123 times to date

Any thoughts ????

7) Of all active quarterbacks he only trails Brett Favre in the volume of interceptions thrown (172)

8) He ranks 15th all time for passing yards, and he once had a six year streak of over 3,000 yards passing a season

9) He is 12th in NFL history for pass attempts

10) He is 90 yards away from throwing 35,000 yards making him only the 15th NFL passer all time to reach that milestone – if he reaches it this weekend

11) He is 3-3 in just six all time playoff games

12) He was born in Lebanon (in Pennsylvania that is!)

13) He is 43rd all-time for regular season touchdown passes

So which quarterbacking legend are we talking about ?

None other than former Penn State Nittany Lion Kerry Collins.

Be honest how quickly did you get the answer from the above clues ?

Kerry hasn’t exactly been Pro-Bowl material in recent years (he did in fact make his lone Pro-Bowl appearance in 1996) but he is a stable force in the Tennessee Titans locker-room with Vince Young unsure if he is happy, sad or in a good or bad place in his mind.

To play 14 seasons in the NFL is a pretty remarkable achievement, to be in the top 20 ALL TIME passing yards is pretty overwhelming. Collins can in fact pass 4 time Superbowl loser Jim Kelly if he gets 557 yards passing this season – not an impossibility.

Top 20 All Time Regular Season Passing Yards in a Career (bold if still active)

1. Brett Favre (39) 62,030  1991-2008  3TM
2. Dan Marino+ 61,361  1983-1999  mia
3. John Elway+ 51,475  1983-1998  den
4. Warren Moon+ 49,325  1984-2000  4TM
5. Fran Tarkenton+ 47,003  1961-1978  2TM
6. Vinny Testaverde 46,233  1987-2007  7TM
7. Drew Bledsoe 44,611  1993-2006  3TM
8. Dan Fouts+ 43,040  1973-1987  sdg
9. Peyton Manning (32) 42,194  1998-2008  clt
10. Joe Montana+ 40,551  1979-1994  2TM
11. Johnny Unitas+ 40,239  1956-1973  2TM
12. Dave Krieg 38,147  1980-1998  6TM
13. Boomer Esiason 37,920  1984-1997  3TM
14. Jim Kelly+ 35,467  1986-1996  buf
15. Kerry Collins (36) 34,910  1995-2008  5TM
16. Jim Everett 34,837  1986-1997  3TM
17. Jim Hart 34,665  1966-1984  2TM
18. Steve DeBerg 34,241  1978-1998  6TM
19. John Hadl 33,503  1962-1977  4TM
20. Phil Simms 33,462  1979-1993  nyg
A dejected Kerry Collins trudges off the field after his only Superbowl performance - a loss to the Baltimore Ravens

A dejected Kerry Collins trudges off the field after his only Superbowl performance - a loss to the Baltimore Ravens (Photo AP)

Question I would like to get answers on – is Kerry Collins the most undervalued quarterback in the top 20 all-time regular season passing yards chart ?

  1. voodoovos says:

    189 yards v Houston and Kerry Collins is proudly in the 35,000 yard club – and on a 3-0 team.

    35,099 yards and the barometer is still rising !


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