Introducing the Ottawa Black Dragons kicker Alex Higgins

Posted: August 11, 2008 in NFL Fantasy
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Alex Higgins was a two time World Snooker champ - now he is a kicker on the Ottowa Black Dragons !!! (in fantasy land)

Alex Higgins was a two time World Snooker champ - now he is a kicker on the Ottowa Black Dragons !!! (in fantasy land)

A few months ago I stumbled upon a web-based american football game called Goal Line Blitz. I am now what can only be described as an addict.

Goal Line Blitzis a great little package as you get to create as many players as you want and give them crazy names such as Slinging Sammy Baugh the Touchdown Machine, or names of heroes of your own from any walk of life.

The game is addictive as you play an entire season in just 40 real days, with each game being simulated every other day at the same time. You get to build up individual skills of each of your players, and you can even purchase credits (with real cash via Paypal) to add customised equipment or create even more players.

I have 9 different players that I own the rights to (a TE, a G, 2 x T, a C, a WR, a RB, a SS, a QB, A DE and a K).

My kicker is called Alex Higgins, named after the legendary Irish snooker player and two time World Snooker Champion Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins, and he is the current starting kicker on the Ottowa Black Dragons.

Higgins the Dragon has made 7 of 8 field goals this season, and 13 of 15 extra points, so he does need to improve if he is to keep his job in Ottawa.

Last season in Goal Line Blitz Higgins hit 30-41 field goals and 30 of 31 extra points in his first season as a starter for the Congo Cripplers, he was however cut after failing to make an impact in the championship game.

Higgins was picked up in the offseason by the Ottawa Black Dragons, and so far the team are 3-2, and looking like they can make a wild card. I just hope Higgins does not cost the team any wins !

Goal Line Blitz is thoroughly enjoyable and as it costs nothing to set yourself up with between 2 and 4 players.

Why not give it a try – its an alternative to www.NFL.comtype fantasy games, as you are effectively a player agent, without having to look as greasy, and sound as cocky as someone like Drew Rosenhaus.

Register for free and then tell me your opinion on here please………………………

  1. Banana says:

    If you like goal line blitz you might want to try – it’s more a management game than role playing though 😉

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