Best wishes to Charlie Batch recovering from a broken collar bone

Best wishes to Charlie Batch recovering from a broken collar bone

Every year there is the age old debate about NFL athletes getting injured in pre-season, meaningless games to some, but a valuable opportunity for rookies and those not guaranteed a roster spot to go and prove they should make the final cut.

This time we have seen Pittsburgh Steelers backup quarterback Charlie Batch break his collar bone (ouch) on a broken play (no pun intended).

Ben Roethlisberger is without doubt the Steelers starter but as we all know injuries can happen at any time.  Batch is a solid backup, a veteran, one who does not rock the boat, basically all that you can ask for in a backup. Losing him is not like losing a starter, but seeing your reliable backup go down is a big blow.

There is an argument to have less pre-season games and maybe 17 or even 18 regular season games.

As a fantasy NFL fan I would like to of course see less pre-season and more regular season games, ones that count. But I’m not an NFL owner, an NFL coach or an NFL player.

Lets hope that the injuries in the pre-season are kept to a minimum, regardless if athletes will not even make the final rosters.

Injuries are part of the game – just look at Kurt Warner, a Superbowl winner and a previous NFL MVP when with the St Louis Rams. If Trent Green had not been injured in a pre-season game against the San Diego Chargers (by Rodney Harrison) in 1999 then we may have never witnessed the ‘Greatest Show on Turf’ – just some food for thought.

PS – A big congratulations to Nicole Cooke – winner of Great Britain’s 200th Olympic Gold Medal – after she won the Women’s Cycling Road Race – Team GB’s first Gold of the Beijing Olympics.

  1. Marky Mark says:

    Hey Law: I agree about wanting to see less of the pre-season..I believe 2 games in the pre-season would be enough along with training camp to evaluate rookies and FA’s and to get the rust off the veterens..With that being said injuries are part of the game and can happen at any time..teams have to adjust to injuries whether they happen in pre-season, reg. season or post-season..B.T.W I was at that game in St.Louis during the pre-season when Green got hurt..The injury was caused when Rodney Harrison at the time with the Chargers came in on a blitz and hit Green right in his knee..The rest of course is History..

  2. dave says:

    Re: NFL Pre-season injuries just can’t be avoided

    Trent Green was injured in the preseason game in 1999 versus the Chargers (not the Bears), when he was hit by Rodney Harrison, oft-named as the NFL’s Dirtiest Player.

  3. voodoovos says:

    Thanks Dave – post has been updated – appreciate the correction post.

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