Shockey warming up at Wembley, London in 2007

Shockey warming up at Wembley, London in 2007

Some people think tight-end Jeremy Shockey was traded to the New Orleans Saints from the New York Giants earlier this week because he wants to start afresh in the Superdome.

Some say he could not cope with the fact Kevin Boss (spot him in the picture above Shockey) was one of the New York Giants stars in the Superbowl (XLII) in February, whilst Shockey sat injured and unable to play.

I can however reveal the real reason that Jeremy Shockey has signed for the Saints – he wants to COME BACK to England and strutt his stuff at the second ever NFL International game in Europe.

Taking place again at Wembley Stadium on October 26 2008 Shockey will be once again crossing the pond and getting changed in the London locker room for an England based NFL regular season encounter, this time the Saints against the San Diego Chargers.

it can be exclusively revealed on NFLFANINENGLAND that Shockey asked to be traded to the Saints so he could come back to London, for the following reasons…..

1) Shockey is addicted to the English delicacy of Fish ‘n’ Chips, with mushy peas, a pickled onion, a small pot of curry sauce and a can of Tizer (which is available to buy in England despite Scottish people thinking it is exclusively their drink), this after his first visit to London in 2007 as a New York Giant

2) Shockey in fact likes English women, citing that he has the hots for Elizabeth Hurley, Kate Moss and after 10 pints of Spitfire Ale a bit of Amy Winehouse

3) Shockey’s family insist that young Jeremy brings back at least four boxes of PG Tips tea, so the Shockey family can experience the full English tea drinking experience back in the land of Uncle Sam

I for one already have my tickets paid for and on their way for the Saints v Chargers game in October.

Maybe this time Shockey can punch one in the end-zone himself, after all just because we had a bit of rain does not excuse the Giants and Dolphins from only managing a total of 23 combined points in 60 minutes.

PS – Shockey is in my BBFL fantasy team roster so I wish him all the best and hope he has a 60 catch 750 yard season in New Orleans, which I think is not beyond the realms of possibility.

So what do YOU think Shockey’s stats will be in 08 as a Saint ? Please post a response

  1. Marky Mark says:

    I believe the Saints trading for Shockey is huge..It gives Brees another weapon in his already stocked arsenal..60 catches and 750 yards are very reachable numbers for Shockey..Colston demands alot of doubles which could free up Shockey alot..I look for him to have a big year if he can stay healthy..

  2. RealheavyD says:

    If he is truly starting out this season at or near 100% recovered and fully healthy after last season’s broken leg, expect the presence of Shockey on this Saints offense to create a multitude of positives for the team as a whole. Not only do I expect Shockey to have a big year himself but I also expect to see bigger and better numbers put up by Reggie, Colston, Brees, possibly even Deuce and Meachem, and the newly revamped defense. If all works out as I see it, the Saints offense will be much more productive in the area of time of possession which will allow the defense more time to rest which in turn increases their productivity across the board as well.

  3. Shawn Lambe says:

    You might want to rest him on week 8 as the Chargers D is pretty stiff and just got stiffer with thier 1st pick in this years draft. The pass-rush is tops and the DBs are tops and put together, Brees will be hoping Bush finaly can be what he was supposed to be when he was drafted.

    I thin the TE on the other side of the ball (some guy named Gates) might be the one to have that week – of course I am biased 8^)

  4. RealheavyD says:

    “You might want to rest him on week 8 as the Chargers D is pretty stiff and just got stiffer with thier 1st pick in this years draft.”

    That’s pretty funny! I liked your joke there Shawn Lambe…

  5. kevin "charger" ramsey says:

    im very excited about this game.its not the chargers vs the saints.its brees vs the chargers.this should’ve been the superbowl a few years back.NOT THE COLTS VS BEARS !!!

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