Will NFL reject Dwain Chambers go to the Olympics?

Posted: July 18, 2008 in NFL, NFL International
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Chambers wearing an NFL europa Hamburg Blue Devils kit (Pic courtesy of BBC)

If you live in the USA I’m pretty confident that Dwain Chambers, the disgraced English sprinter will not have even registered on your sporting shame radar. However if you live in England or any part of Great Britain for that matter then today’s news will be dominated by the High Court decision to say if Chambers can compete for team GB in the 100m (and possibly 4x100m relay – which Team GB currently hold the GOLD medal in !!!) in the Beijing Olympics.

Why am I rattling on about Chambers you may ask in an NFL blog? Well it is a little know fact that Chambers had a failed tryout for the San Francisco 49ers in 2004 – this after being given a two year global ban from competing in any athletics (track and field to you guys over the pond) meets.

Chambers also suited up in NFL Europa for the Hamburg Blue Devils – but unfortunately this did not turn out to be a Kurt Warner moment, and he did not get the call to the NFL.

I’m not sure what the likes of Champ Bailey or Charles Woodson would have made of Dwain hugging the sideline of an NFL field, guess we will never know.

One thing for sure Chambers is THE #1 ranked GB 100m sprinter after coming first in the GB Olympic trials last week, and I have a sneaky feeling that he will win his court battle and get to take on the likes of Tyson Gay and the Jamaican speed demons in a month or so.

Chambers wearing an NFL Europa Hamburg Blue Devils kit (Pic courtesy of BBC)

It’s an intersting prospect to think that we could have seen Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice and Dwain Chambers on an NFL field together – quite bizarre if you sit down and picture it in your minds eye.

I for one think Chambers should compete in the Olympics for team GB, he has served his time for taking illegal substances, and represents a chance (not a big one mind you) at a medal.

After all if he doesn’t make it the UK media will be full of news about completely useless toffee nosed sports such as showjumping and yachting – who needs that ?

  1. voodoovos says:

    EDITORS NOTE – Well – he failed to overturn his lifetime Olympic ban – maybe he can now go back to the 49ers – hell they need some good wideouts !

  2. Marky Mark says:

    Thats too bad about Chambers I would have like to have seen him run as well..Anyways as far as the 49’ers I don’t need him taking any catches away from Byrant Johnson..Law you may know why as I have him on my BBFL squad..

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