FANTASY DIARY entry #2 – Goodbye Plaxico hello Mr Williams

Posted: July 15, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Big Ol Jamal (Getty Images)

Big Ol Jamal (Getty Images)

After just a few days of posting my desperate need for a quality defensive tackle, the bait of Plaxico Burress was just too tempting for my esteemed BBFL league owner Mark Christy and his black hole residing Oakland Raiders.

New York Giant Superbowl winning wideout Plaxico Burress and 2007 Indianapolis Colts rookie DT Ed Johnson are heading to the silver and black area of California, in return for……drum roll…… Jamal Williams the awesome San Diego Charger DT and Pittsburgh Steelers backup wideout Nate Washington.

On the face of it it was a DT and a WR for a DT and a WR, but in reality it gives my Redskins team 13 out of 16 regular season games (don’t forget we play 55 man teams using real NFL stats from 2007) a hard nosed, space eating monster, who according to the Action PC gods is rated a 9 against the run (out of 10).

Yes Jamal will miss 3 games (at an undetermined time in the 16 game season) but he is an immediate and HUGE upgrade.

Getting Nate Washington is a bonus as I lose 70 catches with the loss of Burress, but I get 29 catches for 450 yards and a very respectable 15.5 yards a catch. I remember watching Washington last season and he looked like he could be a keeper.

I will ceratinly miss Ed Johnson, but as he never played a down for my Skins team its a case of what could have been, not what was.

Above all I think it was a fair trade with all parties very happy. Mark – I hope you add a comment – and any other blog readers please give me your thoughts – who got the best deal ????????

  1. Shawn Lambe says:

    Hey there,

    Love reading your BLOG. It is great to get a POV from your side of the pond. I am a huge Chargers fan and have been since John Jefferson, Dan Fouts, Kellen Winslow, etc. So of course I am biased. I play FF myself at FOX, CBS, ESPN and NFL. I am used to teams that just have a “D/ST” and not an actual 55 man roster. That said, Williams has been a beast for years. Unfortunately, we Chargers fans consider finding his replacement the #1 priority. He is getting older and his knees are in bad shape. The staff has said that they plan on resting him more often, but that is not easy as he hates to come off the field. I’m sure you know he play NT and not a true DT. Castillo and Olshanski are the DTs and there is no DE in a “3-4”. That said, NTs jobs are to occupy blockers (as many as possible) so that the LBs can make the plays. If 2 or 3 OL have to block one Williams, then there are not enough blockers left to get to Shawne Merriman or Shawn Phillips (The two OLB). I over simplified this a bit, but you get the idea. Williams is great at taking up space and occuping blockers. He makes everyone else’s job much easier. But he isn’t truely designed to get sacks, fumbles or even tackles. If you wanted a DT who gets sacks and such, you might look towards a team that runs a 4-3 system or if you wanted to stay with the Chargers, a Castillo is more likely to get tackles, sacks and fumbles, maybe even an Interception, perhaps run back for a TD….

    …but again, I do not know how your FF works. Mine I jsut grab the Chargers D/ST and…well, I’m sure you are familiar with the basic FF formats.

    Best of luck.

  2. voodoovos says:

    Shawn – thanks for the positive comments – please promote my blog to your NFL loving fans in California. To explain the Action PC game give players ratings on defense out of 10, and Jamal Williams is a 9 (there are only about 5 DT’s in whole game each year rated 10 or 9) according to the 2007 ratings. The season I’m about to start BBFL season 3 will be using the 2007 NFL stats. SO I get Jamal and his 9 rating for 13 games. I appreciate he will not get sacks, I want him to just stuff the run – and disrupt a short passing game. As I run two leagues I also have another 55 man roster, and that does have Igor Olshansky in it and Brandon Siler (who I think will be a future star) – so I must like the Bolts ! I do have 3 fantasy teams too for 2008 and last year I won one of my leagues. This Action PC game means I can play a 3-4 or a 4-3 whenever I like. I have followed the NFL since 1985 so I know all about formations. I actually played Tight End/Center/Defensive Tackle and Gunner for a UK based American Football team called the Crawley Raiders. I managed to even score a touchdown in one game. I have also coached and played for an adult flag football team called the Birmingham Raiders which was a lot of fun.

  3. Marky Mark says:

    Hey that was real nice post by Shawn even though he is a Charger fan..LOL..Been a die hard Silver and Black fan since I could walk..Hey Law as far as our trade I think it is a win-win for us both..Alot will depend on how healthy Williams can stay as Shawn pointed out..Also the upside and production of Washington and Johnson will determine in the long run who got the best of this deal..On the surface a very fair trade I would say..

  4. Shawn Lambe says:

    Oh, OK…you probably know more then many fans here in the states then. Like yourself, I played for years and was even given a look by three teams (Jets, Seahawks and Raiders), but obviously I wasn’t good enough for them Too many knee injuries already). So I played Semi-Pro and coached. But when you called him a DT instead of NT, I thought you were looking for tackles, sacks, forced fumbles and such measurable stats. I thought you might be disappointed if that was the case. Lots of “fans” are familiar with the QB, RB and WRs (they score the points), maybe a Def. star as he might do a sack dance and get his name on TV highlight shows, but I’d say most “fans” don’t know much past that. I’ve heard the reason American Football has trouble overseas with European Football fans, is that American Football is so complicated. You obviously are not confused by the complications though and are truely a knowledgeable “fan”.

    I tell everyone about this BLOG.

    Take care

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