Former Charger S Terrence Kiel dead aged just 27

Posted: July 6, 2008 in NFL, NFL International, San Diego Chargers
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Why oh why do we have to read another tragic tale of another former NFL player who is now six feet under ?

This time it is former San Diego Charger safety Terrence Kiel. Dead at the age of 27 is not a fair return on any man.

To be fair Kiel did not set the NFL world alight, but in the four seasons  (2003-2006) he did play for the AFC team he averaged over 50 tackles and grabbed a total of four interceptions.
Stats however matter not when his family are standing over his coffin, wondering what on earth that they are doing there.
Keil was shot at in 2003 (when an NFL rookie) and then arrested by the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) in 2006 for possessing and shipping a prescription cough syrup mixture, pleading guilty in 2007.
He was promptly cut by the Chargers in 2007 too and served extensive community service.
Early reports from San Diego Police say that Kiel died on Friday 4 July 2008 at the wheel of his car, hitting a wall on the way home from a party.
This was clearly one troubled individual, who if we take a worse case scenario, could have been driving a car which may have killed passengers in his care (if there were any), and also caused more severe damage with his car to others.
We need to wait for an investigation to find out why the crash happened, but people will already be making their own theories. 
The world of the NFL is highly pressurised, with players desperate to gain the edge, to impress their team, and to earn the most money they can in what can be an extremely short window of opportunity.
You don’t for instance go to university and then professionally train as a lawyer only to know that your career could be over from as early as aged 23.
Fingers will inevitably be pointed at the NFL Players Union, the Chargers and those people that are there to support former NFL athletes. Could this tragedy have been avoided? Could Keil have ever been able to play in the NFL again?
Was there any possibility the Chargers could have stuck with him after his conviction? Above all it’s a sad day – this is a man who if his life path had taken a few different turns would have likely been playing in the San Diego Chargers backfield in October this year at Wembley Stadium.
I for one hope that NFL teams that cut players take a serious look at the support networks that are on offer. These are young men who have dreamed of being NFL superstars from likely aged 5 or 6.
To get there and still feel the pressure is expected, but to be dead at aged 27 is not.
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  1. Dallas says:

    The NFL is a business. Kiel was luckier than 99.9% of the football world by not only getting significant starting time for a NFL franchise, where he likley earned millions of dollars, but also by starring at a prestigious college program like Texas A&M.

    If football meant that much to him he could’ve been playing in Canada or any of the numerous arena leagues. Hell, he could’ve even been coaching! If Ryan Leaf is still getting employment oppertunities, Kiel could’ve got hooked up in the never ending cycle of connections that are made in college and professional football.

    NOBODY should be blamed except for Kiel himself because he was dumb enough to drink and get behind the wheel.

  2. Markymark says:

    It is very true that alot of pro football players take their status and the prestige of playing in the NFL for granted but nobody should be taken away at such a young age in their prime..Remember they are somebody’s son, husband, brother and father..It was tragic what happened to Kiel but just like mainstream society when you drink and drive you risk not only your life but somebody else as well..The deaths of Sean Taylor, Darrent Williams, and Damien Nash just to name a few are very sad but are reflection of society and the fact that we can go at any time..Hopefully NFL players and the rest of society alike won’t take their lives for granted and will live each day to the fullest..

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