So do you want Kevin Jones on your team?

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Uncategorized
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Kevin Jones

It was interesting to note that four NFL teams are interested in Kevin Jones – the oh so talented but oh so injured running back Kevin Jones. As a player I have carried on various fantasy teams I feel like I have been his coach at some points, and I hope that he finds himself a team. He is not in my opinion a 1,300 yard back that you can hitch the wagon onto and ride off into the sunset, he is however pretty much the perfect 3rd down/utility back. With 93 catches in the past two seasons this is one guy with some sweet hands. So who would he fit into ? Looking at teams firstly that utilise 3rd down backs, and those who have established bruisers in the backfield I am inclined to look at the Houston Texans, Cleveland Browns and the Atlanta Falcons.  All are teams that  can do with a utility back  to compliment the likes of Ron Dayne,  Jamal Lewis and  Michael Turner.  Above all KJ will scare teams who cant afford an injury laden back, but here is a guy who can get 1,000 all purpose yards a season, and importantly spell starters, and provide a spark. It just needs a team and a coach that can find the right fit.

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