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Posted: June 28, 2008 in NFL
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Hello to everyone who loves the NFL, especially those based in England. I am aiming to have the best NFL Blog site in England, and to get as many NFL lovers worldwide active on this site. I will be looking to keep this blog updated with NFL news, NFL opinion and some fun articles, Top 10’s and even some video content. I hope you will join me and give your opinion on the greatest sport on the earth – American Football, and the greatest league in the world the National Football League – the NFL.

  1. Joseph Richardson says:

    Why American Football is the greatest sport in the world!!!

    I know that comment can certain cause great angst on the European side of the pond (especially in the face of the European Cup), but I, for one, am happy to see that the grace and glory of American football has its full share of admirers there, to compliment the perceived madness here in the States. To make such a comment is verbose I admit, yet it does come from years of empirical evidence and observation. Let me share at least a few thoughts as to why American Football holds the torch as World’s Greatest Sport:

    1) No sport requires a greater use of teamwork than American Football.

    Now I can already hear the knuckles cracking from those that disagree. Certainly all team sports, to some degree, require teamwork. But no sport takes advantage of weaknesses more than American Football. Perhaps no sport involves more research and planning than the weekly football games played here in the States. If you have 10 strong players on offense, and yet are weak at LG, you can be sure that teams will design stunts and schemes to exploit that weakness. Have a cornerback with a bit of bum knee? Guess who will face a shift on offense to try to isolate him one-on-one. No sport requires all members to be on the same page as much as American Football does.

    2) American Football is the toughest team sport there is.

    Apologies to those hockey fans out there….yes, you can say that hockey players are tough, but they also only play in short bursts with 3-4 lines shifting during the course of a game. Soccer certainly can claim to have players with more endurance, but watching soccer players diving like horses at an Atlantic City pier is in no way a display of toughness. Imagine throwing your 300 pound body into a 30 mph against another 300 pound body, then getting up and doing it again 30-60 times a game. It doesn’t matter that you are wearing pads…it still destroys bodies like no other sport in the world can.

    3) The sheer excitement of American Football is unparelleled.

    Now I am aware this is subjective, and am not so much of an elitist as to say that soccer can not be a great spectator sport. But having seen too many soccer matches end in 1-0 scores after an overtime shootout, and the excitement of ALMOST scoring can not match with the excitement of ACTUALLY scoring. Those of you who have not witnessed a Joe Montana-led comeback, a Devin Hester kickoff return for a touchdown, or one of the many Champ Bailey picks to stop a critical drive are missing out on the actual thrill.

    Well, here is hoping that lots of stimulating conversation ensues. For those who are American Football fans, you can fill in those gaps that I have missed. For those of you not convinced, I advise going and seeing about getting a tape of the last Super Bowl…that will do more than any blog will ever do.


  2. voodoovos says:

    Joe, Thanks kindly for being the first person to respond to my blog. Being an American will certaninly add credability and Im sure everyone reading this blog will look forward to more of your thoughts.

  3. Shawn Lambe says:

    Great blog. Very well written, great pictures and links. Surely a talent I do not have. I’ll just admire your work here. It looks like a lot of time and effort went into this. I jsut wanted you to know that I thought it was a super job.

    If I had any suggestions –
    Maybe an entire article on if Bush (the RB, not the Pres. *grins*) will ever live up to his hype comming out of college.

  4. rumelho says:

    Are you ready for some football???
    Really exciting to know the NFL’s starting soon…

    Twitter: @RumelHO

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